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SPT Nerve Center

SPT has development infrastructure that is designed to service its clients needs effectively, equipped with state of art, workstation, servers and software. SPT has a state of the art development center completely networked where all the software development projects are carried out.

Windows NT based networked software development facility Pentium based laptops

Training (HRD)
This division conducts training programs to cater to the in-house requirement of quality software professionals as well as for placement services. These programs consists of:

1. Software Engineering.
2. Project Management.
3. Object Oriented Design Analysis and Programming.
4. Internet Computing Tools.
5. Distributed Component Platforms.
6. Capability Maturity Model.
7. Career Development Programs.
8. Customer relation management.

SPT believes in continuously improving its infrastructure to meet its client’s expectations and needs, and is always open to create new infrastructure for new clients.